About Us

Mr Velu Mistry started the construction company in the year 1965 in the name Velu & Sons. With Renu and Shahrukh Architects, they planned and designed a different Metamorphose residence which was constructed at Indiranagar in 1980.

During the year 1980's there was a huge storage of cement, because of the commodity available was only on the payment of foreign exchange, so Mr. Velu and his Architects decided to build with sized stone bonded with lime mortar, after which Mr Velu was named as Lime Mortarman, it also came on magazines and newspapers inside and outside.

By the passion from Mr. Velu, his son Mr. Prabhakar Velu continued the construction company in the year 1999 with the same experts and professionals, and the company was renamed as PRAMAN CONSTRUCTIONS.

Mr. Prabhakar Velu has also worked together with different Architects, few names are as follows:

  • Nandish and Madikar Associates
  • Chidhu Associates
  • Midhas Designers
  • Spectra Architects
  • Muse Architects
  • Fobs Architects
  • Vishwanath Architects
  • Attawar Architects

The Praman Constructions at present is the top construction company which has completed many projects including commercial residences, sanction for buildings, school, hospitals, interior & exteriors, etc. Our team focus deeply on the design potential of each work, converting them into built reality, within the time frame and budget provided.